Welcome to NALIA Inc. 

When entering our site, please understand that NALIA Inc products can only be worn by Fraternity and Sorority members. You must be a registered member of NALIA Inc in order to view products, stay up to date on new concepts designs, or to shop. 

If you are not Greek and would like to make a purchase for a friend or family member who is a member of a Greek letter organization, please register as a Non-Greek client.  

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Who We Are

NALIA Inc is a Greek fraternity and sorority luxury brand. We embody the characteristics of historical quality fused with exquisitely crafted luxury goods with a modern fashion-forward appeal.

Our designs are a creative expression inspired by the prestigious history of each Greek letter organization. We create products that showcase the class, integrity, and value of each organization. 

It is our goal to elevate the look, feel, and fit of existing Greek apparel into a high-end lifestyle product. Unwavering commitment to the creation of innovative fashion-forward designs that represent the prestigious history of each organization is our position, pledge, and purpose.

AKA Collection. "BIG A" Sweater

AKA Collection. "BIG A" Sweater